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      2015Years6Month established branch factory in chengdu chengdu Xia Yu electrical equipment co., LTD,Set up in chengdu in chongqing Xia Yu electrical equipment co., LTD. Chongqing branch,Our company is specialized in bus series product research and development、Production、Installation and sales and service integration company,The main products are:High pressure common cases of bus、Low intensive bus、Air type busbar enclosed bus、Refractory busbar、Lighting busbar, etc,At the same time to provide you with professional design and consulting,Project management and installation instructions,Product maintenance and other one-stop service。

       Efficient management、Exquisite technology、Keep improving the quality of the idea for our company to win the broad market popularity,A lot of big factories、Commercial building、Developers building、Municipal engineering project and so on all use our bus series。

       Chengdu Xia Yu electric is a full of vitality thriving enterprise,We firmly believe that as long as a market-oriented,Driven by innovation,Strives for the survival by the quality,Has been growing,With the good faith management,The pursuit of high quality,The idea of low prices continued to develop with you together,For a better future。


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